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The Women Behind Thinkers



Irene and Anne-Marie are two sisters who left their small hometown to pursue their ambition in the big world - carrying along a different career path from what they dreamed possible. But things changed instantly when they came to an epiphany of who they are and what they enjoy doing.

Irene is unapologetically sassy and mysterious with a whimsical, fun personality. She is always ready and willing to pull ideas from her hat of tricks with the whole character that nothing is impossible to do and create. She’s intelligent, driven, and the person you want by your side whenever you're starting anew because she’s done it all and is ready to walk you through and guide you on your idea journey. She wants to work with people willing to come out of their hiding nests, express who they are unapologetically, and see what we can create together. She would gladly wear a blazer top with a long, slowly flowery dress, walking as confidently as she feels. She is the active one with the inner strength of the hulk but hidden in her delicate appearance.

Anne-Marie is an in-depth calculated house of fun and passion where every room is designed to capture the essence of desire and passion for the person living in it. She’s well-spoken, holds authority for the things she desires the most and is unphased by everything else because it’s not her vibe. She ties the information and plans about any idea into a coherent story. The person feels like they’re wearing her expression as a new identity, just like an outfit or a superhero’s costume. She wants the entrepreneurs out there to know they don’t have to conform, but they are free to walk in their badass superpower selves. You would see her in gym or yoga wear but eating a cake and laying down on the yoga mat.

Irene and Anne-Marie are two sisters who left their small hometown to pursue their ambition in the big world.
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The ladies decided to work together to uncover each other's geniuses and create an even better life for themselves. They wanted to live and work a life they both love while sharing the fruits of their creations.

The women observed and understood that many had fallen prey to answering others daily on what to do, how to live, and how to work. To break away, they empowered each other to achieve a new mindset sparking the spirit of entrepreneurship in their lifestyle.


They noticed unspoken needs for story and magic in business and creation. They wanted to present ideas that transform how we hear and receive business and promote creativity - building back the power of imagination to do wonders for aspiring entrepreneurs, solo-preneures, and innovators. Irene and Anne-Marie - experts in creating for people teamed up to begin expanding business ideas for individuals across the world, using their talents for the good-bringing out the juices in small businesses, start-ups, and sole traders for great success stories.

With this passion and genius, the company Thinkers was birthed.

The women now consult on creating innovative ideas through businesses, products, services, and projects that best fit the desires of their clients. With Irene and Anne-marie’s unique perspectives, they can put their minds together, brainstorm unique creations for others, showcasing their desires to the world. Many worldwide contacts the ultimate tag-team that activates the business owner in them.


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